Your IiP Journey

No organisation stands still. Benefits of working with Investors in People, either through ongoing accreditation or other support, include increased staff retention, motivation, productivity and ease of cultural change within your organisation.

Our mission is to help you achieve the results you want, by focusing all our work on your business objectives.

Investors in People specialises in transforming business performance through people. We can help you achieve your objectives by providing:

  • Advice – bespoke business support which gets results and boosts performance
  • Access – to expert Specialists and networks of progressive employers
  • Acknowledgement - of the progress you are making to continuously improve
  • Assurance – benchmarking your performance against proven world class standards.

A unique combination

What makes our offer unique is the combination of a proven national framework with
the experience and capability of our Specialists. Our feedback and reports will give you a depth of detail about your people and their impact on your business which will be unmatched.

Essentially this means that your needs are the focus for everything we do. We tailor our service to meet your objectives.

You could say Investors in People is your critical friend. We will go ‘beyond the badge’ to support, coach, or challenge you. We don’t just give you recommendations and leave you with a massive headache of a plan to implement. We want to be there with you every step of the way.

We hope you’ll like what you see and integrate it into future plans for your business.

71% of Captains of Industry leading organisations recognised with the Investors in People Standard feel that it continuously challenges organisations to improve.
Ipsos MORI, Captains of Industry 2007 Survey, 2008